Newsletters of the children's movements

Several movements of working children and youth (or their support organisations) publish their own newsletters, in electronic or print form. Their aim is to draw attention to their situation and their demands. Some of the electronic newsletters can be subscribed to directly. Our overview shows you where you can find them.

Electronic newsletters and printed magazines

Calao Express / Défi of the WCY

The electronic newsletter "Calao Express" of the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (MAEJT/AMWCY) is published monthly to quarterly in English, French and Portuguese.
Here you can subscribe to it and download current issues:
The printed magazine "Défi des EJT", also by MAEJT/AMWCY, is a magazine with many visualisations, comics and explanations, which is distributed directly to working children. Current issues can be downloaded here:

CWC Newsletter

The electronic newsletter of The Concerned for Working Children, India, is published monthly to quarterly in English.
Here you can subscribe to it and download current and previous issues:

NATs - Revista Internacional desde los Ninos y Adolescentes Trabajadores

This print magazine of the supporters of the Latin American movement, IFEJANT, is published twice a year in Lima. It can be ordered here:
NATS, Av. Tomas Guido No. 257, Lima 14, Peru
Some of the older issues can be downloaded here:

BoletíNATs Virtual

The current issue is available here:

South Asian Children's Times

This print magazine of a merger of several South Asian movements was published about 3 times a year from 2005. It is a successor to the magazine "National Children's Times" of the North Indian movement Bal Mazdoor, which appeared up to 4 times a year.
The first issue can be found here:

Haal Ahwal

Quarterly newsletter of the working children and youth in Rahimyar Khan, Pakistan.
A sample issue from 2006:

Nats News su bambini e adolescenti lavoratori dall'America Latina

The Italian association Associazione NATs Bambini e Adolescenti Lavoratori published Nats News from 2008. It has been discontinued in the meantime.

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Many newsletters and magazines have now been replaced by Facebook pages and online blogs. Take a look at our web link collection:

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