Competition for jobs?

9) If more children work, won't the jobs of adults who need the money more be put at risk?

In the current economic system, it is (unfortunately) the case that both adults and children have to earn their living through wage labour. However, children are rarely in direct competition with adults when it comes to jobs. (Most children work in other, informal sectors than adults). Rather, they are involved in the families' struggle for survival. They do not work instead of their parents, but in addition to them.

The work of children is not the reason for adult unemployment. The reasons must rather be seen in a global context. Unemployment has systemic-structural causes, which lie, among other things, in the capitalist increase in productivity: Jobs are being rationalised away, competition is intensifying, wage dumping and permanent exclusion from gainful employment are the consequences.

When children and adults compete for jobs here and there, the question must be asked why children are more likely than adults to be employed in certain areas. This is mainly because children are easier to discipline, easier to exploit and less unionised. They are hardly taken seriously legally and have few opportunities to participate in society.

These circumstances must be vigorously addressed. We are therefore committed to strengthening the organisations of working children and youth who advocate better and dignified working conditions.

Updated: 14.12.2020