Cochabamba 2014

Final declaration of the National Meeting of the Bolivian Movement of Working Children and Youth in Cochabamba, Bolivia, 12 to 14 September 2014

Union of Working Children and Youth in Bolivia – UNATSBO

All local movements of organized working children and youth met between the 12th and 14th of September 2014 in Cochabamba – Bolivia, with the purpose to analize the law and the context around its' approval. We are conscious about the international reaction and all the criticism around our law.

We, the working children and young people of Bolivia understand the concerns of the European Parliament in respect to the recently approved law for children and young people (Código de Niño, Niña y Adolescentes CNNA). However as a National Movement, which is fighting and working since 15 years for recognition, protection, promotion and defense of the rights of working children and young people, we ask You to take into consideration:

  1. UNATSBO has actively participated in the elaboration of the new Constitution of Bolivia. We achieved real particaption, with which we have been taken into account with our own voices according to our own reality. Something which does not happen in other countries.
  2. After ten years of our struggles we got results. Today, in the Plurinational State of Bolivia, we have achieved to take part as bearer of rights in a process of building a sovereign state. Today, we are taken into account and we are asked to participate in decisions about policies, which protects and defends our rights as working children and young people, who take part of this society.
  3. We would like You to understand, how we as a child workers movment struggle for decent work and that we oppose every exploitation of children. We, as working children and young people, consider work as a value, which is part of the capacity building process and we consider work as a cultural value in the cultures of our Bolivian territories. At the same time, work opens the door for the exercise of other rights (with our work we achieve to go on studying, we can afford clothes, we can buy school material, etc. Furthermore, with our work we put our part to the economic development of our country), our perception of reality is different.  
  4. We believe, that this law is a step forward for the movement of working children and young people. Because it has been elaborated with our participation. It garanties a legal framework for our protection against every kind of exploitation, and it permits us to be visible to society.

With all these arguments we would like to ask for Your comprehension and respect for our reality. We, the working children and youth of Bolivia, are very open to You, to come to visit us and to know more in detail, what is our daily life with our work.

Yes to decent work!!!
Yes to the Movement of Working Children and Youth in Bolivia!!!
Yes to respect and solidarity between all countries!!!

14th of september 2014

Updated: 14.12.2020