Enhancing exploitation?

3) With its positive attitude towards "child labour", does ProNATs not play into the hands of economic exploiters of children?

This danger only exists if our positions are presented in a shortened form. Exploitation - including exploitation at work - must always be named and fought. But this fight must not be fought at the expense of children.

The fact that children have to work, and often want to, is a social reality in many countries of the world. Our concern is that this should be done with dignity. That is why the negotiating power of children vis-à-vis their employers must be strengthened. The more children and youth represent an organised force in social life, insist on their interests and rights as a social group and create their own social movements, the more likely this will be achieved.

They are also dependent on similarly oriented social movements and initiatives as well as on adults who show solidarity with them, support them and provide resources.

Updated: 14.12.2020