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The association

The association

Who belongs to ProNATs and with whom do we network? What approaches and demands do support groups of the children's movements have? Read about us and support our work!

What is ProNATs?

ProNATs is a non-profit organisation that promotes the rights of children, in particular working children, worldwide. We maintain contacts with the movements of working children and youth in Africa, Asia and Latin America, support them politically…

Listening to working children

The girls and boys organised in the movements of working children and youth want to improve their working conditions and resist blanket bans on work which are harmful to them. ProNATs advocates to ensure that children are heard and supports them by…

Support groups

Support groups from the Global North or the Global South usually consist of adults who declare their solidarity with the movements of working children and youth. When they work directly with the movements, they try to interact without pedagogical…

Membership and donations

Become a member of ProNATs e.V.! You can download and submit your application for membership directly. Even if you are not a member, you can still support our association's work. Either make a donation, which is tax-deductible (in Germany), or take…

Association statutes

ProNATs started in 1997 as an initiative, but took on the form of an association on 01.08.2005. The non-profit status was achieved soon later. Here, the statutes of the association in its last amendment of 10.07.2006 are quoted.