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11) Is ProNATs alone in its attitude towards working children?

No. However, this is a question of prioritisation. "Child labour" has many facets, which are addressed and dealt with by organisations in different ways. We oppose a general ban on "child labour" and instead focus on the self-determination and protagonism of children in this area.

We are aware that we would probably be financially better off with other approaches that stylise children as victims in need of help. However, since we are a non-party, voluntary, non-profit organisation, we are in the fortunate position of not being dependent on donations, state subsidies or foundation requirements. Thus, we feel free to choose the approaches we consider effective in terms of a more just world for all people, especially children.

In agreement with many international organisations, we also take a stand against exploitative forms of "child labour". Fortunately, more and more organisations are working to improve working conditions and strengthen the rights of working children. Mostly this is done after long internal discussions about strategic positioning in the sense of a better impact orientation. Some of ProNATs' partner organisations and other support groups of the children's movements can be found on our website.

Updated: 14.12.2020