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Should children be allowed to work? Does ProNATs not contribute to the exploitation of working children? In our "FAQs" we take a stand on frequently asked questions.

Play instead of work?

1) Every child prefers playing to working. So why does ProNATs stand up so vehemently against work prohibitions?

Children competent enough?

2) Are children, due to their stage of development, at all capable of articulating their interests and making responsible decisions? And if so, from what age?

Enhancing exploitation?

3) With its positive attitude towards "child labour", does ProNATs not play into the hands of economic exploiters of children?

Privileged children?

4) Are not only children organised in children's movements who are not so bad off with their work anyway?

Representing a minority?

5) Do children's movements not represent only a minority of working children?

Equal composition?

6) Are girls as well represented as boys in the children's movements?

Manipulated children?

7) Is it not the case that children's movements are manipulated by adults?

Irresponsible state?

8) Does children's self-organisation not release the state from its social responsibility?

Competition for jobs?

9) If more children work, won't the jobs of adults who need the money more be put at risk?

Definition of child labour?

10) How does ProNATs define and evaluate "child labour"?

Lonely post?

11) Is ProNATs alone in its attitude towards working children?