Equal composition?

6) Are girls as well represented as boys in the children's movements?

Yes, they are! In children's movements (unlike many adult organisations), care is taken to ensure that girls have just as much to say as boys. As a rule, about the same number of girls and boys are sent as delegates to national and international meetings, and both girls and boys are represented in committees.

The children's movements have to deal with the fact that many girls are more difficult to reach. Girls, for example, very often work in their own or someone else's household and do not end up on the street so quickly. If they do, however, they are exploited and mistreated more quickly, but they are also caught up more quickly by aid organisations.

For these and other reasons, the work of girls is often invisible and insufficiently covered by statistics. Official figures are therefore doubtful, according to which 45 percent of working children worldwide are girls and 55 percent boys.

The children's movements try to locate girls at their workplaces and organise them. They contribute to making working girls visible and strengthening their self-confidence.

Updated: 14.12.2020