Ouagadougou 2006

Final declaration of the VII Continental Meeting of the African Movement of Working Children and Youth in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 10 to 22 July 2006

We, the WCY, come from 20 countries and from more than 100 African cities. At our 7th African meeting in Ouagadougou between 10 and 22 July 2006 we noted the following:

  • Wherever we are organised, our rights are progressing, such as the right to learn to read and write, to have a health cure in case of illness, to work less and to do less heavy work
  • The further development of our IGAs [income-generating activities] enables us to fight our poverty and finance the enforcement of our rights
  • We have started to fight against exploitation, violence, rural exodus and child trafficking and have achieved good results. We are continuing to develop these actions so that African children will never again be victims.
  • We have been able to develop national programmes that allow us to form national co-ordinations in order to be united, in solidarity and strong in our countries.
  • We will organise ourselves better to build our rights in many villages and also in cities.
  • We will be role models in respecting our parents and other adults.
  • We will work with our authorities, the associations of children and youth, the media, artists and sportsmen, and all those who want the rights of the child to develop.
  • Our solidarity is growing across the continent for a united, peaceful and solidary Africa.

Updated: 14.12.2020