Kundapur 1996

Final declaration of the I World Meeting of Movements of Working Children and Youth in Kundapur, India, 24 November to 08 December, 1996 (The "10 Points of Kundapur")

  1. We want our problems, our proposals, efforts and organisations to be respected and recognised.
  2. We are against the boycott of goods made by children.
  3. We want respect and security for ourselves and the work we do.
  4. We want lessons where we learn something about our situation and for our life.
  5. We want vocational training that matches our abilities and our life situation.
  6. We want good health care that is accessible to working children.
  7. We want to be consulted on all decisions that affect us, whether these decisions are taken in our towns and villages, our countries or internationally.
  8. We want the causes of our situation, especially poverty, to be identified and tackled.
  9. We want to maintain or create opportunities for life in the countryside so that children do not have to migrate to the cities.
  10. We are against the exploitation of our work, we want to work in dignity and have time to learn, play and rest.

We want working children to be heard at the major conferences. When 20 ministers come to a conference, 20 child workers should be there. We want to discuss with the ministers, not talk about us over our heads.

The meeting was attended by 34 delegates representing working children from 33 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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